In 2016 DHS data showed 10.8% of Milwaukee children who were tested had elevated levels of lead in their blood. This is FOUR TIMES the rate of Flint, Michigan which sparked a national outcry.

The 10th Aldermanic District has the second highest concentration of lead laterals in the city with 9,155 lead service lines.

City officials have mismanaged situation. In the past few years:

• Milwaukee Health Department head Bevan Baker has resigned due to mismanagement in lead program.

• It has been found that city has not done proper follow up (or in some cases ANY follow up) after elevated lead levels were found in a home to determine where lead may exist and how families can keep safe. Key records are missing.

* The city has been slow to acknowledge lead in water infrastructure being a health risk despite expert opinion and research that says it is.

Alderman Murphy along with the Common Council and Mayor Barrett have not come up with a solution that removes this risk from the community in a timely manner. He was recently quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an article on 6/27 about HUD officials being “disappointed” in city efforts regarding lead removal:

Ald. Michael Murphy called the HUD letter "very disturbing."

"This was a very strong letter which pointed out the Health Department has dropped the ball on a lot of key areas," Murphy said. "And the people who they're hurting are once again children in our community — generally poor children and people of color."

This coalition believes it will require sustained pressure at the community level to demand that this toxin be removed

from our living spaces. To date, the city has only offered half measures and deflections on this public health issue. We are asking concerned citizens to call or email their Alderperson and Mayor demanding a comprehensive plan to remove the pipes, paint and dust. This is a public health issue.

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